Our Coaches

29314006_10216096769188894_7555449920136675328_nHas been with CVGA since: 2011

Current title: Boys Team Coach

Gymnastics experience: Dabbled in backyard tumbling and parkour as a child but never formally competed gymnastics.

Coaching experience: I coached CVGA’s Training Team and Level 3 and 4 Compulsory girls team for 2 years. I have recently transitioned into CVGA’s competitive boys team and I am coaching boys levels 5-10.

Has been with CVGA since: 2013

Current title: Head Coach of Xcel Team

Gymnastics experience: I have 12 years of dance experience, 13 years of acrobatics, and participated in competitive cheer for 3 years.

Coaching experience: I began coaching at CVGA in 2013 working with recreational classes. I coached CVGA’s compulsory program for a year and am now currently the head coach of CVGA’s Xcel Program.

Rooftop (12)    Has been with CVGA since: 2006

Current title:  Certified Judge Compulsory, Xcel and thru Level 8 and team Choreographer

Gymnastics experience: I did gymnastics for 16 years (beginning at the age of 2). I competed for 10 years up to Level 8. In 2013, I was 1 in 5 gymnasts to graduate high school in the state of Iowa while still participating in competitive gymnastics through USAG.

Coaching experience: I was co head coach and choreographer of the CVGA Xcel team for 3 years. I have worked in a couple gyms in Minneapolis while attending the University of Minnesota.

Kevin is the Head Coach for the optional competitive girls team levels 6-10. Kevin competed for Iowa Gym-Nest. He opened his own gym in Merced, CA.  He sold the gym in 2003, and has been coaching in Waterloo since. He joined CVGA in 2006.

Current title: Owner/ Manager since 2006

Gymnastics experience: Has coached gymnastics for 22 years. Coaches all levels of gymnastics and tumbling