Why Gymnastics?

The benefits of gymnastics are numerous and cannot be overstated. They can, however, be summed up in one phrase: Foundation for Life. Whether your child participates for a few years or pursues the highest level of competition, gymnastics will provide them with an un-paralleled physical and mental foundation.

IMG_4127It starts with a commitment to mastering the details. A simple shift in body position may not at fiDSC_0739rst seem important, but can be the difference between catching the bar and hitting the floor. Along the way, gymnasts develop impressive and important physical qualities that set them apart from their peers. Strength, flexibility, power, and grace all come together in a way that allows gymnasts to perform incredible skills.

A focus on body-weight strength training from an early age allow gymnasts to get a head start and they are some of the best conditioned athletes around. A quick YouTube search of “Olympic Still Rings” will prove this point. In addition, gymnasts develop above average flexibility that transfers well to any sport and helps to keep them injury free. And, if being asked to flip backwards off a narrow balance beam or demonstrate extreme strength on the the rings, gymnasts do it all while making it look easy and artistic.

Of all the qualities a young gymnast will develop, however, the intangible ones are the most important. And most of all - it's FUN!